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Temporary problem with, and

Temporary problem with, and

If it's not broken, why would I update it?  

Yesterday (June 8, 2016), I ran into a problem loading, and  It all started with loading very, very slowly and I informed them of the problem.  By the end of the day, none of the sites would load on Chrome or Firefox.  I was convinced I had a pernicious virus or malware.  Bitdefender was behaving strangely and wouldn't complete a full system scan.  It always seems that viruses hit when there are four imminent deadlines.  (But aren't there always four imminent deadlines?!)

I scoured google for a solution directly related to any of these websites.  No one had posted any indication of a similar problem.  If I'm the only one with a problem, it must be a virus.

I sent a support request to Bitdefender before going to bed, hoping for a reply in the morning.  (Don't they work on Wednesdays in Germany?)  Of course, they were as communicative as always, except when they want to renew the subscription.  (I should try the Russians next time.)  

I hadn't expected a reply from but, about 24 hours after I submitted the ticket, I had a response!  The tech suggested that I might need to update my Flash player or Java.  Sure enough, it worked!!  I've never been so pleased to see the Wall  Street Journal's masthead. 

But why, you ask, didn't I update the Flash player when I was notified?  Probably most techs click on these auto-updates without a pause.  

After many instances of updating an operating system, add-on, or mission critical program and finding that the supplier has pulled features, completely changed how a process is accomplished or (horrors) disabled my computer completely, I've stopped any automatic updates unless they can't be helped.  (Of course, Bitdefender is auto-updated, but it doesn't seem to help.)  Just last week, Microsoft forced a Windows 10 upgrade on my husband's laptop and, because there were devices attached to the laptop, the upgrade completely failed and it took me over an hour to get Windows 7 back.  Thank you so much Microsoft for wasting my time!

The purpose of this post (besides kvetching)?  To provide information to some other poor investor or writer who is unable to access, or  Probably will continue my policy of "If it's not broken, why would I update it?"  This is the only instance where I've had a serious problem because I didn't upgrade my software.  (Generally, I'm just forced to do it at some expense to my checking account.)  

And now, I still get to figure out why Bitdefender won't complete a system scan.  Any predictions as to how long it will take the boys in Germany won't reply to my support ticket.  

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