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Wix User Permissions for Member Pages

Wix User Permissions for Member Pages

Wix is a terrific website development system. It provides fast, efficient website development tools that are really easy to use and can save a small business significant costs in development and maintenance.

Recently, the company has provided some systems for creating custom websites for event bookings, e-commerce, hotel reservations, and member subscription systems. I recently set up a members system for a client and ran in some extensive challenges with how the system was developed and inaccurate documentation. The biggest problem was with the Member Pages.

Throughout the documentation for the Members system, Wix states that access to web pages can be selectively restricted by creating user Roles (group restrictions base on Role definitions). The Roles are easy to create through the dashboard.  What the documentation neglects to state is that if your web page has been created in the Member Pages section of the website, you CANNOT restrict access to members by Roles.

When you set up a members only area on your website, the system creates additional areas to manage the members functions of the system.

If you're planning to add pages to your website that will be restricted to members only, it would make sense to add them in the Member Pages area, right?  Don't do that.  If you do, you will not be able to restrict access by Roles.  (See the Wix documentation about Roles.)  According to the documentation, all pages should be able to restrict access by Roles, as shown below. 

However, if you add a page to the Member Pages area, when you click on the Permissions tab, this is what you will see.  

You cannot restrict access to Member Pages by Roles.  There is not workaround.  You will have to recreate the pages in the Site Menu.  Then you can follow the documentation to restrict access to members with specific roles.  

So save yourself some time and only use the Member Pages area for the account login/profile stuff.  Put everything else in the Site Menu so you can control access by Roles.  

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Sunday, 15 December 2019