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1099 eFile system reviews

1099 eFile system reviews

I needed to file a 1099 for a contractor and didn't get the forms ordered early enough from the IRS. (The government shutdown probably didn't help expedite delivery of the forms.) Given that I only need to file one form, I was considering running over to Office Depot or Staples to buy the smallest quantity of forms available. Then I realized I could get the job done through an eFile service! Save time and money! Works for me! It took over two hours! The first problem is that the forms are due tomorrow. So chances are that some of the problems I encountered are due to heavy traffic on the systems. But there were other issues with the services I tried and I thought it might be helpful to share them here. - Registration was straightforward. However, when I started the process of setting up the forms, the system's options for the basic service did not state that it included mailing the form to the recipient. I tried the chat support and no one was home. I wanted the form mailed to the recipient rather than email delivery. I decided to pass and try another service. - The process starts with entering your email address and waiting for an email with a link to complete the registration. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Their system clearly states that they provide a print/efile/mailing service. However, it took well over an hour for the email with the registration link to hit my inbox. I've got other things to do, so I decided to try a third service. - The registration process was fast and straightforward. I was filling in the information for the forms within a couple minutes. The chat support was available very quickly and support tech seemed fairly knowledgeable. I'm a little concerned that a 1096 (the transmittal form for the IRS) isn't available because TaxSeer states that it's not necessary for efiling. I double-checked this concern with chat support and was informed that the 1096 is not necessary for efiling and all the information is shared with the Montana Department of Revenue. The other services state that a 1096 is produced with the 1099 filing.

If I don't run into any problems with the IRS or Montana Department of Revenue regarding the filing, I'll probably use again next year because of the quality of the chat support.

Good luck with your taxes! 

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Sunday, 17 February 2019