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Windows 10 Fall Creator Update Kills Seagate's Backup Plus External Hard Drive

What a coincidence...? Windows 10 Fall Creator updates Sunday/Monday. My Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive appears to have died - lights are on, engine is running but it's not accessible from my hard drive. (Yes, we looked at the Disk Management system.)

Happened to have a brand new Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive handy, so I restored from backup but also ordered a couple Western Digital drives (have one working on the system now), so I can then transfer the restored data to the WD drive. PC is on almost 24/7 for two days restoring the backup. Done Wednesday.

Contact Seagate about the initial hard drive problem. We reboot the PC a couple times, testing stuff out and the drive is declared dead. I've now got my Western Digital drives, getting ready to transfer the restored data because I'm not so sure about the reliability of the Seagate drive. NOW, the second Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive with the restored data won't work!! This is not right. Two drives die within days of the Windows 10 Fall Creator update? There may be a problem with the hardware but not like that.

We connect the hard drives to my husband's laptop which is running Windows 7 and VOILA! The drives are working.

How likely is it that, along with trashing the HP Laserjet 1200 driver and the Windows DVD player software on my laptop, Windows 10 Fall Creator has also trashed the driver for the Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive?

I told the tech at Seagate that she better run this up the flag pole fast or it's going to cost Seagate a pile of $$ from the Seagate Backup Plus users who think their drives are dead and in need of data restoration. I hope she took me VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY.  If you think your Seagate Backup Plus has died, try attaching it to a PC that doesn't run the latest version of Windows 10.  

Has Microsoft screwed up Seagate big time?? 

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Guest - Sheila McPhelps on Thursday, 14 December 2017 10:47

Hmm. Makes you wonder about what was intended with that Microsoft update.

Hmm. Makes you wonder about what was intended with that Microsoft update.
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