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Plaster Craft Painting Instructions

Plaster Craft Painting Instructions

This is an odd entry for this blog but these instructions could come in handy for a crafter someday. The following is from a kit I purchased many years ago from Wee Craft that came with acrylic paints. I've omitted some of the instructions that are particular to the project.

Apply paint with brush directly to the piece. One coat is adequate; however, if the color looks streaky, a second coat may be necessary. allow 20 minutes to dry. Apply a thin coat of glaze with the brush over the entire piece [when done painting all the color]. One coat is adequate. Allow 30 minutes to dry. If glaze is too thick, thin with a few drops of water. Clean paint and glaze from brush with soap and water. If you make a mistake, just let dry and try again.

Helpful hints - if you break or chip any of these plaster items, repair them with any clear drying craft glue. Patch pin holes, scratches or gaps with vinyl spackle. Smooth chipped or blemished spots by wetting a piece of fine grit sandpaper and rubbing over the damaged area.

Drybrushing - Dip brush in paint, wipe excess off on paper, and brush across the area to be highlighted. The raised areas of the piece will pick up the paint. The base color should still show through. [Use a stiff bristle brush.]

Stain - Mix a small amount of paint in equal proportions with water. [This is useful for highlight areas like pink on cheeks. Also useful with browns to add depth to texture areas like clothing or to create an antique effect.] Do small areas at a time. Wipe with a soft cloth and let dry.

Other source of helpful on-line instructions can be found at

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Sunday, 17 February 2019